How To Create The Perfect Wedding Gown When You Do Not See Yours At The Bridal Store

Your big day is coming- your wedding is almost here. If you have been to dozens of bridal stores and you just cannot seem to find the perfect dress, do not stress. There are more options than what you see on the racks at any of the stores. In fact, what you are looking for may be closer than you realize. Here is how to create the perfect wedding gown when you do not see the one you want at the store.

Custom-Build It

Although you cannot buy several dresses that cost thousands of dollars to get a custom dress, you can achieve this using less expensive dresses. Since many bridal stores have clearance or discount racks, you may be able to find two or more dresses that have components you absolutely love. Since you would be spending less or equal to the cost of a very expensive dress by buying the cheaper dresses, "build-your-own" dress is a very doable option. Then the in-house seamstress can take apart the cheaper dresses and put together the components you want to create your custom dress.

Additionally, you could buy a really expensive dress and add to it. The basic model of a more expensive wedding gown that lacks sleeves and a train is easily transformed with some custom additions. The additions can come from a cheaper dress or, a really skilled seamstress/dressmaker can craft the components by hand.

Incorporating Your Bridal Colors Into Your Dress

Some brides would rather not wear completely white on the big day and want a little color in their dresses. There are lots of ways to incorporate your bridal colors into your dress, including:

  • Satin or silk insets to expand the size of the dress
  • Faux flowers or ribbons attached to the flounces on your dress or the train
  • Dyed beadwork and lace crochet or lace weaving on the bodice or sleeves
  • White or clear iridescent fabrics that help your dress reflect all of the colors around you.

There are lots of other little add-ins a bridal shop can do, and they might even have a book or portfolio of things they have created in the past for other brides.

Special Orders

Finally, it is not unusual for brides to bring in pictures of the dresses they have fallen in love with. If you have a picture of a particular dress and no boutique seems to carry it in the actual store, you may be able to make a special request for the dress. Some stores may charge you a non-refundable deposit to order a dress you might not buy, since it may be very difficult for them to sell it to anyone else. If you really love everything about the dress you see in your picture, it may be worth the non-refundable deposit just to see it up close and even try it on. Contact a bridal store, like Bridal Elegance, to get started.

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