Reasons For Using A Process Service For Legal Matters

The process service used by courts in the U.S. engages private parties to serve court documents and warrants on citizens. There may be any number of reasons why this service is engaged. The following reasons are just a few that highlight the most common reasons for using a process service.

You Are Personally Terrified of the Person/Party

If you are trying to exit a bad relationship or abusive marriage, there is no telling what he/she may do. You want to put as much distance as possible between you and the other person. You do not want to serve him/her with the papers personally and risk that he/she may start screaming at you, beating you or manipulating you into staying and then physically harm you. Likewise, if there is more than one person who would do this to you (a communal group you are trying to escape or a boss that could cause a scene) you would want someone else to deliver the court papers.

You Have a Lawyer Who Requests the Service

If you have already hired a lawyer, the lawyer will not serve the papers or warrant, so that leaves the process server. Usually when your lawyer files the paperwork, he/she requests the date, time and location for the process server to serve the papers. You do have some say in that, since your lawyer will need to know your partner's whereabouts, schedule and typical habits. This provides you with some control too, since you can be out of the way and away from your partner when the papers are served.

You Represent a Professional Business and the Person Served Is a Customer

Finally, a third common reason for using a process service is that the lawsuit is in regards to your business. When the person being served is a family member who works for you, or who has done odd jobs for you and has caused damage, you need the service to help you maintain the appearance of professionalism. You always want to project that image of professionalism, so you do not want to be the one who serves the papers because it could start an argument or domestic dispute. That type of thing makes the news, and then the only thing people remember about your business is the kerfuffle followed by a lawsuit. You can avoid all of the above when the court clerk asks you if you want to use the process service.

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